Where do I go to get a zoning approval or a Home Occupation Permit?

You can check zoning ordinances using our online zoning portal. If you plan to operate a business in your home, a Home Occupation Permit is required in addition to obtaining a business license.

What should I do if I am no longer in business in Novato?

You should notify the City using a Dissolution of Business notification form.

What do I need to change a business name, address or ownership on a business license?

You will need a new business license and are subject to any associated fees and approvals.

Is a business license transferable?

No. You will need to make a new business license application if there is a change of ownership.

What do I need to do if my business information has changed?

Visit the online renewal system, which will allow you to update information about your business.

How do I renew my business license?

You can renew your business license online here.

When am I required to renew my business license?

Business licenses are valid for the duration of the calendar year. License renewals are typically mailed out in early December, with payment due by mid-January.

How do I calculate the fee payable to the City of Novato for a new business license?

A license fee schedule and worksheet is available to help you calculate your fees.

How do I apply for a new business license?

New licenses must be submitted in person at the City of Novato Finance Department.


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