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December 12, 2017

Downtown Business Improvement District

Since 1999, Novato has partnered with local merchants on the Novato Business Improvement District (BID) with the goal of attracting more business Downtown and enhancing the customer and visitor experience. The Downtown Novato Business Association (DNBA) serves as the BID Advisory Board, administering and managing BID activities. There are approximately 380 businesses in the BID, which self-assess an annual fee that generates about $54,000 per year.

How Businesses are Assessed

Business Improvement District assessments are levied on the basis of the estimated benefit to the businesses and property within the BID area. A BID may assess property according to zones of benefit, in relation to the benefit being received by businesses within each zone. The BID assessment is billed annually with the City of Novato’s business license distribution. See the BID Map to view area boundaries and zones. As shown below, the assessment schedule is as follows:

Type of Business Benefit Assessment
Zone A
Benefit Assessment
Zone B
1-3 Employees
4-6 Employees
7+ Employees
Service Businesses $158 $79
Professional Businesses $131 $65
Financial Institutions $525 $525
Lodging (Bed & Breakfast) $158 $158
Lodging (Hotels & Motels) $263 $263

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