October 26, 2018

Novato’s QT Ultrasound LLC Secures FDA 510(k) Clearance

Novato based healthcare technology firm QT Ultrasound, LLC has received FDA 510(k) clearance this week for a recent update to their QT Ultrasound Breast Scanner, the QTviewer.

A step up from the already powerful ultrasonic imaging strength of the QT Ultrasound Scanner, the QTviewer captures coronal, axial and sagittal images and stores them, allowing the radiologist to review them in further detail. These capabilities, along image analysis tools such as correlate and probe, allow for more precise diagnostic evaluation of potential breast cancer patients.

Along with the imaging advancements, QT Ultrasound’s Chief Technology Officer, Mark Lenox, Ph.D, says the one of the greatest tools of the QTviewer is Research Mode. According to Lenox, “Research Mode allows researchers the ability to calculate doubling time to determine how much a tumor has grown in a certain amount of time–a critical calculation which assists in determining if a mass is a malignant tumor.” Research Mode can also calculate and display Quantitative Breast Density (QBD®), a figure that was previously only an estimate made by the radiologist.

Together, the QT Ultrasound Breast Scanner and QTviewer will advance breast imaging modality for women, a critical step in our fight against breast cancer.

For more information about QT Ultrasound LLC and the QTviewer, visit their website: