July 10, 2019

Tyson & Mendes Choose Novato

Tyson & Mendes LLP, a litigation defense firm headquartered in San Diego, has purchased a 32,000-square foot building in Novato’s Bel Marin Keys district. The firm will be relocating its Northern California office from San Rafael to the Bel Marin Keys location early next year.

“If the firm’s branch in Northern California continues to double every one to two years, we’ll probably have to have another building in the city or south of the city,” said managing partner Robert Tyson, in conversation with’s The Recorder. “But for now, we think this should take care of our needs for the next, hopefully, five years.”

Regarding the firm’s new Novato location, Mendes notes, “We are a California-based firm… I think it shows the sense of commitment for us as a firm to be committed to California and particularly Northern California.”

Tyson & Mendes is home to more than 150 lawyers across 10 offices in California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Washington and Florida. The Novato office is set to accommodate 30 attorneys initially, then double over two years. The recorded sale value for the property at 371 Bel Marin Keys was $7.4 million.

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